• REMA Fx550 Panel Saw

    The REMA Fx550 is a completely new construction of the sliding
    table panel saw, which exceeds everything we have created so far.

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  • Deck Machine PA 180

    Paletomat PA-180 is modern full automatic conroll
    servo motion system machine for nailing Decks
    off 4way pallets or full production of 2way pallets.

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Lignotech Ltd offers professional and knowledgeable advice to companies looking to invest in new or used woodworking machinery. The exclusive importer and distributor for the “ProfiCut X50/X60 and Combi” range of automatic, optimising cross-cutting saws, and the “AngleMaster AC-600” for straight and angle cutting. A host of options are available including, notching/milling head, automatic loading and unloading, ink-jet or label printers, sorting and stacking, machines are customised to suit your requirements.

High speed automatic gantry style nailing machine NB 6000 for the manufacture of packing case sides, over sized and standard pallets, garden buildings, timber frame wall panels and floor cassettes,

Handling equipment for planer moulders, crosscutting saws etc. offering fully automated bespoke systems.

REMA panel saws with manual or programmable setting up to 6 axis with touch screen control, large cutting capacity with 200mm saw blade projection.